Best Practices

  • Always develop a proper project schedule You must be realistic in estimating the durations and level of effort. No two EPM deployments are the same, and the particulars of each organization should dictate the duration and effort of the project.

  • Never skip stages and phases In doing so, you miss capturing important data and information, and you increase the risk of failure, which translates ultimately into lost opportunities and cost overrun.

  • Change control Make sure that you place the design and configuration document and the system architecture under strict change control.

  • Proper training Make sure that proper training is provided to all users.

  • Proper project documentation Make sure that your business processes map properly in the system and that all procedures and methodologies are properly documented.

  • Benefits of six pillars Planning activities for the EPM implementation are often considered drudgery, so this critical step, planning, is often trivialized or, worse, overlooked completely. When you address the six pillars of EPM as described in this chapter, you become more confident in the overall implementation. This leads to gaining stronger support from people across the organization.

  • Communicate the plan Don't forget to build a communications plan about the implementation. Make sure that you stick to it, even though you may think it's not needed. If other people do not understand the benefits of EPM, they may undermine your EPM efforts.

  • Scope control People throughout the organization may attempt to request more functionality to the EPM implementation than your organization is capable of handling. You need to be patient and structure a multiphase rollout of the technology and business processes. If you try to do too much on the first rollout, you are setting expectations that may be too great.

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