Chapter5.Understanding Project Server Architecture

Chapter 5. Understanding Project Server Architecture


  • Software Components

  • Microsoft EPM Solution Architecture

  • Scalability

  • Network/System Security

  • Best Practices

Implementation of an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution is a complex undertaking and includes a lot more than the technology installation and configuration. As one of our colleagues said, "It is not rocket science, but it is not trivial and simple either."

Prior to implementing and configuring the EPM system, develop your EMP Solution Vision and Initiative Roadmap. This roadmap will guide you through all phases of the EPM solution implementation initiative and help you manage client expectations.

Implementation of an EPM solution is also about organizational culture change. You should identify and manage the organizational impacts to ensure successful EPM solution implementation.

This chapter explains what exactly Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 is in reasonably simple terms.

The EPM solution, based on Microsoft Office Project Server 2003, is designed as a three-tier system. The EPM solution has a client tier, an application tier, and a database tier. Each tier of the EPM solution has unique components and provides unique functionality, as illustrated in Figure 5.1.

Figure 5.1. The logical schema of all three tiers of the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution and how they fit together.

Components of each tier provide for availability and scalability, enabling companies of any size to manage projects of a wide range of sizes and levels of complexity. To deal with varying availability and scalability requirements and needs, where you are able to size and configure the application and database tiers of your EPM solution, see Figure 5.2.

Figure 5.2. The architecture of the Microsoft EPM solution and how it maps to different requirements and needs of a typical organization.

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