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Using the Bookmark Feature When Creating a Hyperlink


I am trying to reference a bookmark within a Word document when creating a hyperlink to a task. When I click the Bookmark button and enter the name of the bookmark, I receive the message "Microsoft Project could not open this file or could not parse a file of this type." What am I doing wrong?

In Project 2003, you can use the Bookmark button only to create a bookmark reference to a Microsoft Project file. For example, you can create a hyperlink that references a particular task or resource within another project file. If you want to reference a bookmark within a Word document or a named range within an Excel spreadsheet, you need to append the name of the file with a pound sign ( # ), followed by the name of the bookmark or named range. For example, if you were using a bookmark named CurrentAccomplishments to reference a Word document named Status Report.doc in a documents folder, you would enter the following text in the Type the File or Web Page Name field:

 C:\My Documents\Status Report.doc#CurrentAccomplishments 

Problems with the Copy Picture Feature

When I try to use the Copy Picture feature of Microsoft Project to capture an image of my Gantt Chart, I am not seeing all my tasks in the image. What am I doing wrong?

[ic-S24]If none of your task names show, the Task Name field in Project is partially covered by the divider that separates the Table and the Timescale portions of the screen. To include all your tasks in the image of your Gantt Chart, first you must select all of your project's tasks by clicking the Select All button in the upper-left corner of the Gantt Chart. After you have selected all the tasks, click the Copy Picture button on the Standard toolbar. Then, in the Copy Picture dialog box, select the Selected Rows option. Because you have selected all the rows in the project, the entire task list is included in the Gantt Chart.

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