Chapter 22. Visual Basic .NET Graphics

You will learn about the following in this chapter:

  • The basics of the Visual Basic .NET graphics system

  • How to use the Visual Basic .NET coordinate system

  • How to use a picture box

  • How to use the OpenFileDialog control

  • How to use aspect ratio

  • How to use graphics line drawing and filling

  • How to use graphics pens and brushes

  • How to create a graphics control object

This chapter examines how Visual Basic .NET can be used to display various graphics objects on a computer screen (also called a display ). There are two main topics in this chapter. The first topic discusses how you can use the Visual Basic .NET PictureBox control to display images on your display. The sample program you will develop introduces you to the Visual Basic .NET OpenFileDialog control, too. The second topic shows how to actually draw your own graphics objects. You will write a sample program to develop a simple gauge control, using some of the concepts you learned in Chapter 21, "Creating Your Own Controls."

However, before you jump into the sample programs, you need a little graphics background information.

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