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There are many people to thank, but from this long list, I would like especially to acknowledge my family for their endless support. Thank you Mom and Dadand, of course, my sister Stephanie.

This book couldn't have been written without the great copy and project editor, Estelle Manticasthank you. Your expertise made me realize how much I love writing.

Thank you Mitzi Koontz, my acquisitions editor, for your patience and for helping me to maintain my sanity during that rough start. And to the great Andr LaMothe, a sincere thank you for everything. I still can't believe I got to work with you. Thank you once again for every other goal you have helped me to achieve. I don't know what this industry would be without you.

Thank you, Joe, for endless motivation and for that extra push-to-the-limit on every project I work on. I'll also thank your daughter , Mia Nicole, for being so cute and intelligent . She will soon be teaching me the new wave of technology.

Jerron: I thank you for your support. I appreciate all the game and demo ideas that you gave me.

Samantha Ellswick: A special thank you for all your support.

And finally, thanks to Dave and Eddie for their hum.

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Game Development with ActionScript
Game Development with ActionScript
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