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validating code with Visual Studio Team Developer
validating deployment
validation controls
validation options (HTML designer)
validation rules on web tests
Value property (nullable types)
variables [See also parameters.]
     default values, avoiding with nullable types
     inner variables of anonymous methods
     local variables
         Promote Local Variable to Parameter refactoring tool
         refactoring and
     outer variables of anonymous methods
         Autos window
         Locals window
         QuickWatch window
         watch windows
VB (Visual Basic)
     language enhancements
         array upper/lower bounds
         Continue statement
         custom events
         form access
         IsNot operator
         list of
         operator overloading
         unsigned types
         Using block
     static classes
version control [See source control.]
versions of Visual Studio 2005 [See Visual Studio 2005; versions of Visual Studio 2005.]
View menu
     Component Designer
     debugging data
         Autos window
         DataTips window
         Locals window
         QuickWatch window
         watch windows
     test results
     web methods
     web references
     work items
views, creating [See also subreports.]
Virtual Point object
virtual space
Visual Basic (VB)
     Code Snippet Inserter
     language enhancements
         array upper/lower bounds
         Continue statement
         custom events
         form access
         IsNot operator
         list of
         operator overloading
         unsigned types
         Using block
     refactoring in
     refactoring tools
     static classes
Visual Basic code editor
Visual C# project definition files
Visual C++ project definition files
Visual Database tools, defined
Visual Designers
     Class Designer, refactoring with
Visual Source Safe (VSS) 2005
Visual Studio 2005
     community features
         Community menu
         Start Page
     configuring for source control
     environment settings, changing
    IDE [See IDE.]
     new features
         .NET Framework for targeting customer experiences
         architecture modeling
         code editor, invoking tools from
         code navigation
         community code sharing
         data binding
         editing and debugging
         testing tools
     versions of
         Express Editions
         Professional Editions
         Standard Edition
         Team System
Visual Studio add-ins, shared add-ins versus
Visual Studio automation object model [See automation object model.]
Visual Studio Content Installer
     macro package example installation
     packaging shared content
Visual Studio debugger [See debugger.]
Visual Studio Headlines section (Start Page)
Visual Studio Options dialog box
Visual Studio Team Architect 2nd
     application design steps
     application diagrams 2nd
         Application Designer Toolbox
         application settings and constraints
         Diagram menu
     application implementation
     deployment diagrams
         deployment reports
         validating deployment
     item templates
     logical datacenter diagrams
         adding servers to zones
         configuring zones and servers
         connecting servers to zones
         Logical Datacenter Designer
     project templates
     system diagrams
         connecting applications to systems
         proxy endpoints
Visual Studio Team Developer 2nd
Visual Studio Team Suite
Visual Studio Team System [See VSTS (Visual Studio Team System).]
Visual Studio Team System Extensibility Kit
Visual Studio Team Test 2nd
     load tests
Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)
visual styles, form controls
visually developing code with Class Designer
     class diagrams
vsCMElement enumeration values
.VSContent XML file, elements of
VSContent files
     creating for macro packaging example
     .vsi files versus
.vsdir files
.vsi files
     renaming zipped files to
     VSContent files versus
VSInstr command-line tool
.vsmacros file
VSS (Visual Source Safe) 2005
.vstemplate XML file, editing
VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office)
VSTS (Visual Studio Team System) 2nd
    source control [See source control.]
    Team Foundation Build [See Team Foundation Build.]
    Team Foundation Server [See Team Foundation Server.]
     Visual Studio Team Architect
     Visual Studio Team Developer
     Visual Studio Team Test
     work items 2nd
         associating code with
         attaching files
         business analyst role 2nd
         customizing 2nd
         developer role
         history tracking
         MSF for Agile work items
         MSF for CMMI work items
         project manager role
         queries on
         seeding methodology with
         states and transitions
         Team Explorer tools
         tester role
.vsz files

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Unleashed
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Unleashed
ISBN: 0672328194
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 195

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