Section 8.7. Red-Eye

8.7. Red-Eye

Red-eye is actually light reflected back from your subject's eyes. The bright light of your camera's flash passes through the pupil of each eye, illuminating the blood-red retinal tissue at the back of the eye. This illuminated tissue , in turn , is reflected back into the camera lens. Red-eye problems worsen when you shoot pictures in a dim room, because your subject's pupils are dilated wider, allowing even more light from the flash to illuminate the retina .

If it's too late to avoid red-eye to begin with (by using an external flash, for example), and people's eyes are already glowing demonically, there's always iPhoto's Red-Eye tool. It lets you alleviate red-eye problems by digitally removing the offending red pixels. Here's how:

  1. Open your photo for editing .

    Change the zoom setting, if necessary, so that you have a close-up view of the eye with the red-eye problem.

  2. Click the Red-Eye button .

    If you're editing in a separate window, as shown in Figure 8-5, you may have to use the >> menu at the right end of the toolbar to find the Red-Eye command.

  3. Use the crosshair pointer to click inside each red- tinted eye .

    With each click, iPhoto neutralizes the red pixels, painting the pupils solid black.

    Of course, this means that everybody winds up looking like they have black eyes instead of red onesbut at least they look a little less like the walking undead.

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