Renaming Tracks and Regions in the Editor

While you're in the editor, this is a good time to change the name of the Wind Chime recording from No Effects.1 to Chime. Keep in mind that regions don't have to be named after the track and vice versa. They often share the name of the track because GarageBand automatically names regions after the track when you record. The No Effects region was originally recorded in a track named No Effects.


In the Chime and Timpani track of the Timeline, double-click the No Effects.1 region to open it in the editor.

The No Effects.1 region appears in the editor.


Type Chime in the Name field and press Return.

The region's name changes to Chime in the Timeline and editor.

You can also use the same technique to change the name of a track in the editor.


In the Timeline, click the No Effects track header.

The No Effects track and all of its regions are selected.


Click the empty gray track space to the right of the No Effects track header and mixer to deselect the regions within the track.

The editor now shows that you're working on the full track instead of just a region. Notice that the header on the left side of the editor now reads Track instead of Region.


Type Jazz Kit 2 in the Name field to change the name of the track. Press Return.

The track header for the selected track changes to Jazz Kit 2.


You can also change the name of a track header by double-clicking the name in the header and typing the new track name.

Your editor work is complete for this lesson.


Click the editor button, or press Cmd-E, to hide the editor.

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