In this chapter, we covered video capture with webcams inexpensive, low-resolution video cameras, which have become nearly ubiquitous PC peripherals. Despite their low-quality imagery, webcams provide an important portal between the real world and the PC. They can turn any PC into a moviemaking workstation and they can send your image around the world in just a few clicks or a few lines of DirectShow code.

Although DSWebcamCap seems very simple, it is the foundation of everything you d need to add video capture and video e-mail capability to any Internet-based application. All the essentials video and audio capture, video monitoring, and data compression are included in this demonstration program. Although the program lacks the nicety of a user interface, line for line it s an incredibly powerful multimedia authoring application, and it could easily be integrated within any application, including e-mail, a Web browser, a peer-to-peer file sharing program, and so on. DSWebcamCap is a good example of the power that DirectShow brings to the application programmer; many tens of thousands of lines of code are under the hood, hidden away in DirectShow filters that we need know nothing about to use them.

Webcams are the low-tech end in the world of digital video. They re commonplace but not very powerful. Digital video cameras are the high-end hardware of this world, and it s now time to examine how to use DirectShow to control these increasingly popular devices.

Programming Microsoft DirectShow for Digital Video and Television
Programming Microsoft DirectShow for Digital Video and Television (Pro-Developer)
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