To Do: Insert Numbers and Bullets

To Do: Insert Numbers and Bullets

Word makes numbered and bulleted lists easy to produce. Assuming that the typical AutoFormat options are set (select Tools, AutoCorrect Options, AutoFormat as You Type and make sure that the options labeled Automatic Bulleted Lists and Automatic Numbered Lists are checked), follow these steps to create a formatted and indented numbered list:

  1. Press Tab to start the first numbered item.

  2. Type the number and punctuation, such as 1. (following the number with a period).

  3. Press Tab.

  4. Type the text for the first numbered item.

  5. Press Enter. Word converts your previous text to a numbered list and starts the next item in the list with the number 2.

    If you don't want the next numbered item that automatically appears, you can click the icon that appears next to the first number to stop the automatic numbering or cancel it altogether for the rest of the document.

  6. Keep entering numbered items. When you finish, press Enter without typing any text after a number, and Word stops creating the numbered list at that point.

In other words, to create a well-formatted numbered list, just start typing the list! Word formats and numbers your list after you enter the first item.

If you want to convert a series of paragraphs or lines into a numbered list, select the text and then click the Numbering toolbar button. Figure 3.4 shows a numbered list.

Figure 3.4. Word helps you create numbered lists.


Here's another numbering trick: Before you begin typing the numbered list, click the Numbering toolbar button. Word types the first number for you and inserts a tab. You only have to complete the numbered item. Word continues to add the numbers as you type the list.


One of the best features of Word is that you can delete and insert numbered items from and to numbered lists, and Word automatically renumbers the remaining items.

If you want to create a bulleted list, type the items to be bulleted, select the items, and then click the Bullets button. Again, when you add and delete items, Word automatically adds or removes the bullets.


You can control the size of the bullets as well as the styles used for your bulleted and numbered lists by selecting Format, Bullets and Numbering.

Often, you might want to indent a numbered or bulleted list differently from Word's default location. To do so, simply highlight the list and click the Increase Indent toolbar button. You can move the list back to the left by clicking the Decrease Indent toolbar button. If you first highlight one item in the list, Word increases or decreases the indention for that one item.

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