Inserting Standard Blocks of Text Automatically

AutoText is an extremely handy feature enabling Word to "memorize" large blocks of text. Once you've created an AutoText entry, you can insert it in your text by simply beginning to type the name of the entry. As soon as you've typed the first few characters , Word's AutoComplete feature takes over and inserts the entire block of text for you.

One of the advantages of using AutoText is that you only have to proofread the block of text once, before you create the AutoText entry. From then on, each time you insert the entry in a document, you can rest assured that it is error-free.

Creating AutoText Entries

Creating an AutoText entry is relatively easy.

  1. Type the text that you want Word to "memorize," and then select it.

  2. Choose Insert, AutoText, New (or press Alt+F3) to display the Create AutoText dialog box.

  3. Type over Word's suggested name with your own name for the entry. (Choose a name that is at least four characters long.) See Figure 8.2.

    Figure 8.2. Type a name for your AutoText entry in the Create AutoText dialog box.


  4. Click OK.

Inserting an AutoText Entry in Your Document

Word provides several ways of inserting AutoText entries in your document. The method described in these steps is the simplest.

Follow these steps to insert an AutoText entry in your document:

  1. Click where you want to insert the entry.

  2. Type the first few letters of the name. A ScreenTip appears for your entry (see Figure 8.3).

    Figure 8.3. As soon as you type the first few letters of an AutoText entry's name, a ScreenTip appears.


  3. Press Enter to insert the entry in your document.

One other convenient way to insert an entry is to type the full name of the entry and press F3 when the insertion point is just past the name.

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