Creating a Database

You build your database by entering the information into your worksheet. Enter the field names into the first row and then enter the information under the row of field names , which are your records. Now you have yourself a database.

The following steps enable you to create a database from scratch. Use a new workbook for your database. Before you start the exercise, create a new workbook and name it My Database.

  1. The first step toward building a database is to enter the field names. In the My Database workbook on Sheet1, select cells B4:E4. This range is where you will enter the field names for your database.

  2. Type EmpID and press Enter.

  3. Type LName and press Enter.

  4. Type FName and press Enter.

  5. Type Dept and press Enter.

  6. Save the workbook.

  7. Click any cell to deselect the range. Your field names should look like the ones in Figure 50.2.

    Figure 50.2. Field names.


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