Chapter 47. Adding Eye-Catching Borders, Colors, Fills, and Graphics

This chapter covers adding borders, colors, fills and graphics to your worksheets. Excel offers many types of borders that can be applied in different thickness and colors to add pizzazz and style. You learn how to change the font color , add shading to cells , and use color fills to put some spice into the background of your worksheet. In addition, you use the AutoFormat command to apply prefab formats to your worksheets in one shot so that you don't have to apply each type of format individually.

With Excel's drawing tools, pictures in worksheets, and the WordArt feature that lets you create logos and fancy-looking words in your worksheets. In addition, you'll master complete instructions for creating Excel charts . Turn your numeric data into a visual representation of that data. Perhaps you want to use Excel information inside a PowerPoint presentation; if so, a chart is a wonderful way to get your point across to your audience.

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