Navigating Open Presentations

Navigating Open Presentations

You can start a new presentation without closing the currently active presentation. Having several presentations open at once in PowerPoint is a great way to copy information from one presentation to another and compare different presentations, and has numerous other advantages. If you use this feature, you need to know how to switch between the presentations. At first, having several presentations open at one time may seem a little confusingit's like having several projects on your desk at one time. You may not be working on them all at once (or you may be), but you need to have them all available to you throughout the day. Just like switching from one project to another on an actual desk, PowerPoint enables you to do the same thing with presentations.

Any presentation you might have open will be listed in the Window menu. You need only select the actual presentation name from the list. As you can see in Figure 23.6, there are currently three open presentations. The presentation your attention is currently focused on is called the active presentation window, which has a checkmark by its name. To switch presentations, simply select the presentation by name andprestoyou're now billing some other client for the work!

Figure 23.6. The Window menu shows three presentations currently open.


The Window menu has a few other options worth mentioning here. The New Window, Arrange All, and Cascade items all play important roles in the quest for seamless presentation navigation.

  1. Click the Window menu title.

  2. Click the presentation you want to switch to.

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