Choosing your target keywords is the real beginning of any organic or paid search marketing campaign. After you have chosen the product or other focus of your campaign, you must carefully decide which keywords to target before you can start the work of organic search optimization and paid placement.

In this chapter, you learned the value of careful keyword planning, along with a philosophy that helps you make decisions every step of the way. Rather than blindly reaching for the most popular keywords, or gravitating to unpopular keywords because they are "easy" to get high rankings for, you saw how "just right" keywords closely target your site, almost regardless of popularity.

We walked through the entire keyword planning process step by step, discovering how to gather a list of keyword candidates, how to research each candidate to uncover hidden variations and determine its popularity with searchers, and how to prioritize the keyword list so that the most valuable ones get the most attention in the campaign.

In the next chapter, we focus again on organic search, offering guidance on optimizing your content for the organic keywords that you targetedallowing that content to achieve the highest organic search rankings possible for those keywords. Now that you know which keywords you are going after, let's go to work to drive the right pages to the top of the organic search results.

    Search Engine Marketing, Inc. Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Web Site
    Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Companys Web Site (2nd Edition)
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