Creating Employer Payroll Reports

QuickBooks provides a variety of payroll reports to meet your needs. You can generate a payroll report on each employee, create a summary of your payroll deductions, summarize your entire payroll, show year-to-date tax liabilities, and more. Here we'll create a payroll summary report and a year-to-date payroll tax report.

View a Payroll Summary Report

Click Employees & Payroll on the Reports menu, then click Payroll Summary from the side menu.

Select the range of dates you want to cover in your report.

If necessary, click the Refresh button to update the report.

If necessary, use the bottom scrollbar to view payroll information for all your employees.

View Year-to-Date Payroll Liabilities

Select Payroll Item List from the Lists menu.

Click the Reports button; then select Reports On All Payroll Items, Payroll Liability Balances.

Verify the dates you want the report to cover.

Double-click any amount to display another report showing the detail that makes up that amount.

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