Setting Up the Administrator

QuickBooks provides a login and password system that enables you to restrict which users can view and change your company's financial information. To take advantage of this security system, you must first designate someone as the administrator. The person with administrative rights has the right to view all company records and make changes to any existing transactions.

Select Company, Set Up Users. Note that if users have already been set up in this company, these steps won't apply. This procedure describes setting up the administrator who is the first user.

Enter a name for the administrator. Admin has already been entered, but you can replace this with a different name.

Enter a password. It can be no more than 16 characters and can include spaces. Note that the password is case sensititve.

Enter the password again.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

The password is optional. QuickBooks provides an option to enter a password when setting up the administrator, but you have the option of leaving this blank and having no password for the administrator.

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