Entering a Start Date

After you answer the introductory question in the EasyStep Interview (see "Questions You'll Have to Answer" earlier in this chapter), the interview asks you for your Start Date. The Start Date is the date on which you will first start entering your company information in QuickBooks. This is not necessarily today's date, nor is it necessarily the first day on which your company started doing business. Many people go back to January 1 to start entering their information. If your company is relatively new, you might want to go back to the first day you started doing business. If you select a date in the past for your start date, you need to go back to that date and enter all the transactions that have occurred since then.

Enter a Start Date

In the EasyStep Interview, enter the start date you have chosen.

Click Next to proceed with the interview.

See Also

See "Entering Historical Data" in this chapter for information on entering previous transactions in QuickBooks.

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