How This Guide is Organized

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This guide is organized in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 presents a brief overview of the historical events that created an environment in which migration was necessary. This chapter describes some of the most common goals, motivators, benefits, and problems of any migration project.

  • Chapter 2 explains how UNIX has evolved over the years and describes the major differences between versions of UNIX, while placing other operating systems in context. This chapter also explains why migration is important, what its benefits are, and what the scope of a migration project is.

  • Chapter 3 defines the most important terms used in migration efforts and differentiates these terms. In addition, this chapter presents migration strategies, explains the benefits and risks of each strategy, and describes the appropriateness of each strategy for various situations.

  • Chapter 4 presents a detailed implementation of the migration methodology and explains how to plan for important project activities and milestones. This chapter also describes the tasks involved in establishing a business justification for a migration effort.

  • Chapter 5 introduces Sun's high-level migration methodologies and reviews the roles of the architecture, implementation, and management stages involved in the methodology.

  • Chapter 6 explores the tasks involved in architecting a migration solution.

  • Chapter 7 describes the steps involved in migrating the current environment to the target environment.

  • Chapter 8 explains how management tasks relate to the Enterprise stack (E-stack). This chapter also presents considerations and tools used for managing migrations to a Solaris environment.

  • Chapter 9 presents an example of the process involved in migrating from the Linux environment to the Solaris environment.

  • Chapter 10 presents a case study that illustrates the methods , tools, and best practices used to migrate a Tru64 environment to the Solaris environment.

  • Chapter 11 presents a case study that illustrates the methodology, tools, and best practices used to migrate customers from HP/UX platforms.

  • Appendix A presents a sample JScore report and analysis as referenced in Chapter 7.

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Migrating to the Solaris Operating System
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