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Save Workspace dialog box, displaying
     files in Bridge
     versions of non-Adobe files
scripts, using with InDesign
searching files and folders in Bridge
searching files with keywords in Bridge
     isolating with Lock and Hide in Illustrator
     reselecting in Photoshop
     smoothing in Photoshop
settings, applying from first image
Shadow and Highlight tabs, using with Smart Sharpen filter
Shape Layer Paste option in Photoshop, explanation of
shape layers, adding in Photoshop
shape modes, examples of
     creating compound shapes in Illustrator
     reverting to basic shapes
     using as envelopes
sharpening color shifts, fixing
shortcut sets, explanation of
shortcuts. [See keyboard shortcuts]
slices, support for
Slide Show view in Bridge, using
Smart Components option in GoLive, explanation of
Smart Favorite icon in GoLive, identifying
Smart Object Paste option in Photoshop, explanation of
Smart Objects
     changing Photoshop layers in
     creating and editing in Photoshop
     support for slices
     using in GoLive
     using rollovers with
Smart Sharpen filter, using with Photoshop
Smooth option, using in Photoshop
Snapshot Image option in GoLive, explanation of
sound clips, placing in InDesign documents
source code
     adjusting formatting of (GoLive)
     checking syntax of (GoLive)
source files, adding to GoLive SmartObjects folder
Space After formatting option, using
spelling, checking in Story Editor window
spine of spreads, adjusting anchored objects relative to
Split Source view in GoLive, using
splits, fixing in Photoshop
Spot Healing Brush tool, description of
spraying radius, adjusting
Spread option in InDesign, description of
Stamp tools in Commenting toolbar, using with Acrobat
Standard Editing tool
     in GoLive
     keyboard shortcut for
steps, adding to actions
Stock Photos service. [See also photos]
     availability of
     versus Web Gallery
Story Editor in InDesign, using
Style Settings option, using in Illustrator and InDesign
style sheets, viewing and applying in Story Editor window
styles. [See also object styles]
     applying multiple styles in InDesign
     applying quickly in InDesign
     applying to elements in GoLive
     editing in InDesign
     managing with folders in GoLive
     nesting and defining in InDesign
     previewing in GoLive
     synchronizing across books in InDesign
swatches, sharing between applications
Switch to Compact Mode button in Bridge, location of
Switch to Full Mode button in Bridge, location of
Symbol Sprayer tool, using
Symbolism Tools Options dialog, displaying
symbolism tools, working with
symbols, using with Illustrator [See also objects]
system admin password, changing

Adobe Creative Suite 2 How-Tos(c) 100 Essential Techniques
Adobe Creative Suite 2 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques
ISBN: 0321356748
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 143

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