Section 3.3. Supported Platforms

3.3. Supported Platforms

Here you will find a description of the support and limitations of the various operating systems Mongrel runs on.

3.3.1. Unix

Mongrel runs on most flavors of Unix. Debian and SuSE have packages, and FreeBSD has ports. Other flavors of linux, OSX, OSX Server, and Solaris can install and run it. If your OS is not listed, you should try to install it anyway.

3.3.2. Windows

Mongrel is supported on Windows and with a few exceptions will work the same as it does on Unix. The major differences to note are:

  • Mongrel will not run daemonized (mongrel_start -d). You can run it as a service using the mongrel_service plugin.

  • Stop and restart commands are fickle.

  • Mongrel is not as fast as it is on Unix. This is because Ruby itself is much slower on Windows, but if you are familiar with the speed difference already, then Mongrel will be a huge step forward.

For details on Mongrel on Windows, see the Mongrel Web site (

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