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When obtaining game ideas from a film (or movie), we want to utilize the film’s premise (plot, theme, and action) and not its character names, costumes, creature design and look, and names of places and objects.

The film Alien has a unique character (the alien), a specific spaceship design, a famous cast, and particular character names. If we want to mimic Alien in our game design, first we would call our game something interesting and descriptive like Space Predator or Space Cannibal to get the audience, publishers, and stores interested and to give a preconceived notion about our game.

If we decided that our alien creature was to look like a carnivorous dinosaur, we might title the game Space Raptor to bring in the Jurassic Park audience. We would design our own alien, perhaps describing it or using an artist to sketch our scary alien vision. We may use the crew dynamics of the film Alien like each member’s rank, sex, age, and race and then change the character’s name and face design to differ from the film.

In our pitch to publishers and in future sales and marketing material, we would utilize the Alien basis to correlate potential sales, audience interest, and a marketing strategy. We would obviously claim that our game is scarier and better than the film that spawned two sequels, Aliens and Alien 3, as well as several lesser rip-off films. Our pitch would include the facts that in 1979 Alien was the top-grossing film and in 1997 Alien 3 was that year’s top-grossing film. Also based on the film data, we could list the demographics of our audience like age, sex, income level, and international appeal.

As in life and in books, films, and games, “there is nothing new under the sun.”


The Abyss: An underwater oil-drilling team enters an alien-inhabited nuclear submarine.


Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: A detective specializing in missing animals uses his unique methods to achieve his mission to find a kidnapped dolphin.


The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Fantasy and adventure transport the Baron from a playhouse to the moon to visit the king and queen and to the sea to be eaten by a whale.


The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension: A space craft made from a jet-propelled Ford Fiesta has a commander who is knowledgeable in medicine, science, music, racing, and diplomacy and battles aliens from Planet Ten.


The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: A pink bus named Priscilla adventures across the Australian Outback with two drag queens and a transvestite.


Air Force One: Terrorists take over Air Force One and kidnap the president and his family.


Alien: On a research spaceship deep in space, an alien hunts the crew.


Alien Nation: Aliens with bald heads who get drunk on sour milk come peacefully to Earth and try to co-exist with humans.


Alive: The true story of the 1975 Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashes in the Andes and must struggle to survive for ten weeks.


Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold: An American adventurer and his sexy blonde partner travel into the jungles in search of his brother and the legendary City of Gold.


Along Came a Spider: A detective must solve a case involving a serial killer and the missing daughter of a U.S. Senator.


American Samurai: A Japanese adopted American boy learns the ways of the Samurai and fights gangsters who compete in live-blade competitions.


American Yakuza: An FBI agent infiltrates the dangerous Japanese criminal underworld of the Yakuza.


The Amphibian Man: A scientist creates a man with gills.


Anaconda: A documentary film crew in the Amazon River encounter snakes, even a 40-foot-long anaconda.


Angel Heart: In 1955 New Orleans, a New York City detective investigates a murder in a climate of voodoo and eroticism.


The Animal: A scientist surgically fixes a car accident victim using organs and parts from animals to replace the injured and destroyed ones.


Arachnophobia: Deadly South American spiders invade a town.


The Arena: Ancient Romans capture the world’s most beautiful women to compete in deadly games.


Armageddon: An asteroid coming to destroy Earth must be intercepted and blown up by a deep-sea oil rigging crew.


The Arrival: A radio astronomer discovers an alien base in Mexico and their plans for an upcoming alien invasion.


Assassins: Two competing assassins (a mentor and his student) try to beat each other to the target and eventually must face each other.


Baby Geniuses: Intelligent babies in a scientific lab run by evil owners must telepathically outsmart everyone.


Back to the Future: A time machine De Lorean transports a teen back to visit his parents as teenagers who haven’t fallen in love yet.


Barb Wire: A voluptuous sex goddess who owns a sleazy bar in a neutral zone after the second American Civil War helps the resistance in a dangerous mission.


Barbarella: A space nymphet fights fantastic creatures and super beings.


Basic Instinct: A downtrodden detective gets very involved with a gorgeous murder suspect with psychological and erotic intentions.


Beastmaster: In a primitive world, a jungle man can telepathically communicate with animals.


Bedazzled: A Faustus tale of a young man in love with an uninterested woman; he agrees to sell his soul to the devil for seven wishes.


Beetlejuice: Two friendly ghosts befriend an obnoxious couple’s daughter who is obsessed with death and gets tricked into freeing Beetlejuice, a maniacal prankster ghost who stirs up the world of the living and the dead.


Beginning of the End: Giant grasshoppers created by radiation attack Chicago.


Big Trouble in Little China: In San Francisco, a trucker becomes involved with Chinatown’s magical martial arts army who seek to kidnap a green-eyed Asian woman.


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Two California airhead rockers use a time-traveling telephone booth to travel into the past in search of homework answers.


The Birds: A tale of man versus nature where birds infest a town and become extremely violent and too numerous to count.


Blade: A day walker (half human and half vampire) and his weapon-inventing mentor fight an evil, ambitious vampire leader and his vampire army in a fast-paced techno music world.


Blade Runner: Los Angeles in the 21st century is dismal, and human-looking robots (“replicants”) that are destined to terminate soon are eager to live forever, as a tired cop is commanded to terminate them all.


Blast From the Past: After living in an underground bomb shelter for 35 years (since birth) with his parents, a man emerges into modern day California seeking supplies and a non-mutant wife.


The Blob: Slimy black tar alien feeds on a small town.


Bloodsport: The Kumite is an outlawed martial arts competition in Hong Kong where anything is allowed to win, including murder.


Blown Away: A bomb squad expert must stop an Irish radical bomb-making genius in Boston.


The Bone Collector: A New York City quadriplegic forensics expert must solve a serial killer case using high-tech equipment from his bed and the talents of an upcoming, eager policewoman.


Bonnie and Clyde: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow rob Southwest banks during the Depression era.


The Boy Who Could Fly: After a plane crash kills a boy’s parents, he escapes into a fantasy where he can fly.


Brainsmasher: A Love Story: A super model and a bouncer fight an army of Ninjas.


Brainstorm: Dreams and fantasies can be recorded and played back as a scientist desiring better results must evade interested government parties.


Braveheart: William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish patriot fights British tyranny and weak Scottish nobles.


Brewster’s Millions: A poor ex-ballplayer must spend $30 million and end up penniless after 30 days in order to inherit $300 million.


Bring It On: A perky blonde, newly appointed “head cheerleader,” discovers that her national cheerleading championship squad has been performing stolen routines. She must choreograph a new, exciting routine for the upcoming championship and compete against the squad from which their winning routines were stolen.


Brink’s Job: The crime of the century where Tony Pino heists $2.7 million from a Brink’s truck.


Broadcast News: The inner workings and public persona of the TV network news reporting business and its people (the anchormen, the reporters, and the producers).


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Los Angeles high school cheerleader is proclaimed a vampire slayer. After training with her mentor, she must terminate an emerging onslaught of vampires.


Cat People: A beautiful woman by day transforms into a deadly panther that kills by night.


The Cell: A psychotherapist who can enter her patients’ minds helps the FBI by probing into a serial killer.


Chameleon: A genetically engineered assassin can blend into any background unnoticed.


Charlie’s Angels: A trio of gorgeous agents solve unusual cases with the help of their manager.


Class of Nuke ’Em High: A nuclear spill creates an outbreak of mutants and maniacs in a New Jersey high school.


Cliffhanger: Expert professional climbers get unknowingly involved with a murderous group of thieves on a treacherous, snowy mountain.


Con Air: A paroled ex-Army Ranger heading home to his awaiting wife and child is on a plane with a group of America’s most wanted that take over the aircraft.


Cool World: A cartoonist enters into his own adult cartoon world.


The Crazies: A poisoned water supply turns citizens of a small town into murderous psychos.


Cube: Six people awake to find themselves chained together in a hidden booby-trapped room and must cooperate to escape unharmed.


Dark City: A dark, gothic world where as people sleep, long-coated aliens switch each person’s life nightly in an effort to examine human behavior.


The Dark Crystal: Two Gelflings (like elves) must recapture a stolen dark crystal shard from an evil castle and its guardians.


Dave: When the U.S. president suffers from a stroke, a man who could be his twin is recruited to impersonate the married president.


Day of the Triffids: A meteor shower brings carnivorous plants that grow and mutate.


Daylight: An explosion in New York’s Holland Tunnel traps a band of travelers trying to escape and survive the pending deluge of the Hudson River.


Death Race 2000: A national championship cross-country car race where winning depends on time and points earned by killing pedestrians.


Death Takes a Holiday: Death disguised as a prince wants to discover why humans fear him. When Death falls in love, nothing in existence dies.


Defending Your Life: A look at examining your life and fears in the afterlife where existence is perfect, one can fall in love, and you can eat everything without gaining any weight.


Die Hard: A New York City vacationing police officer visits his ex-wife in Los Angeles at Christmas when terrorists take over the large Japanese corporation building he is in.


Die Hard 2: Die Harder: A New York City vacationing police officer awaiting his ex-wife’s arrival at the airport at Christmas confronts terrorists who have control of the airport.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Two con men: one is a wealthy, elderly European gentleman who is partners with the local chief of police, and the other is a younger American hustler thought to be “the Jackal,” a legendary con artist. After joining forces as mentor and student, they decide to challenge each other in a winner-take-all contest where a wealthy American soap queen is the target of the con (she turns out to be the real “Jackal”).


D.O.A.: A college professor is given poison and has 24 hours to find his killer as police suspect him of murder.


Edward Scissorhands: A scientist creates a boy-creature with scissors instead of hands. He unexpectedly dies, leaving the boy to deal with suburbia and an overly friendly Avon saleslady.


Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag: A mobster is hired to kill eight mob lowlifes, and as proof he must return their heads to get payment. At the airport, a Mexico-bound college student and his girlfriend’s neurotic family accidentally receive the mobster’s bag, which looks like his bag. An adventure begins when the mobster seeks to recover his bag and the college student deals with his new discovery and lack of clothes.


Eight Millimeter: A detective is hired by a wealthy widow who desires to know the truth about her deceased husband and his involvement in illegal “snuff” films.


Empire Records: An independent record store’s last day before it joins an uncaring chain. The store’s crazy staff (suicidal, sex-starved, and kleptos) keep the manager on his toes as he tries to keep business going and acquire the needed cash to buy the store for himself.


The End: A terminally ill man decides to end his suffering and attempts various methods of committing suicide.


End of Days: Satan must have an heir, and an alcoholic ex-cop is the only hero who can save a young woman from this fate.


Enemy Mine: Two warring planets’ pilots (a human and a reptile man) crash onto a planet where they are captured as slaves, and they must unite to survive and escape.


Eraser: A federal marshal fakes elaborate deaths for people entering the Witness Protection Program.


Erin Brockovich: An unemployed mother bullies her way into a law office where she uncovers and investigates a public utility company’s act of dumping toxic waste into a local water supply.


Escape From LA: In Los Angeles circa 2013, the hero, who has been poisoned and has ten hours to live, is sent in to deal with the kidnapped daughter of the President and a “doomsday” device.


Escape From New York: Futuristic Manhattan, now a pile of rubble, becomes the federal prison housing the worst elements. When the president’s plane crashes in New York, he becomes a hostage, forcing an unwilling war hero to begin a rescue mission.


Eyes of Laura Mars: A female photographer can foresee murders in her pictures, and she becomes the focus of the killer.


F/X: A Hollywood special effects expert is hired to fake a mobster’s assassination, and he becomes a loose end that must be terminated. He must use his skills to survive and rectify this life.


Face/Off: A federal agent surgically exchanges his face for that of the terrorist who killed his son. The unaware agent soon discovers that the terrorist is not only alive but wearing his face.


Falling Down: An average law-abiding citizen snaps and goes on a rampage, and a retiring detective on his last day must stop him.


Family Man: A single, wealthy investment banker finds out the answer to the question “what if I married my college love?” with the help of his guardian angel.


Fantasy Island: Vacationers get to live out their most desired fantasies.


Fatal Attraction: A married New York lawyer has an affair with a beautiful associate, and when he tries to end the relationship, she threatens his family, his home, and his life.


The Fifth Element: To save the Earth from a maniac arms dealer’s destructive plan, a New York City taxi driver must help an alien woman and a priest to save the day.


54: Running New York City’s most popular disco, Studio 54, requires a unique staff who desire wealth and stardom and an owner who will do anything for pleasure.


The Final Terror: A group of campers in a remote wooded area are stalked by a crazed killer.


Fire Down Below: A rich, evil industrialist is illegally dumping toxic waste, which upsets the undercover EPA agent who has martial art skills.


Fletch: An undercover newspaper journalist trying to get a scoop on illegal drug trafficking gets involved with a corrupt police chief and a wealthy businessman whose treachery could put the reporter in the obituaries.


The Fly: A scientist experimenting with teleporting accidentally gets genetically intermixed with a housefly.


Footloose: In a Midwest town controlled by a minister, dancing is forbidden, and a teen newcomer from the city tries to change public views on rock music and dancing.


Freejack: It’s a futuristic time when the super rich can buy young, healthy bodies from the past to prolong their longevity. A racecar driver assumed dead is transported into the future where he decides to run away as a “freejack.”


Frequency: A modern day New York police officer discovers that he can communicate with the past by operating his father’s old ham radio. He can talk to his father who is living in 1969 to prevent the father’s accidental death in a warehouse fire, his mother’s murder, and other events, which drastically alters the future.


From Dusk Till Dawn: Two vicious escaped criminals pick up a minister and his two teens and rendezvous at a sleazy biker bar that is unknowingly operated by vampires.


The Game: An investment banker receives an unusual birthday present from his distant brother, a real life role-playing game that taps into your life, business, and finances and blurs the line between reality, terror, and the game.


Ghost: An investment consultant deeply in love is murdered. Through a fake psychic, he is able to communicate and must solve his murder and protect his lover.


Ghostbusters: When college grants are terminated, three “paranormal” investigators go into business as New York City gets plagued by the spirit world.


Gone in 60 Seconds: In order to save his brother’s life, a retired legendary car thief must steal 50 specific modeled cars in one night by recruiting his old associates.


Gotcha: A campus paintball assassination gameplayer on vacation in Europe winds up getting involved with an exotic female international spy.


Grosse Point Blank: A hitman returns to attend his tenth year high school reunion only to discover that his current target is the father of his high school sweetheart and an interest to his number one rival.


Groundhog Day: An obnoxious weatherman covering the groundhog shadow story in Punxatawney, PA is trapped in a bizarre space-time continuum of repeating the same day and events until he finds love, happiness, and the meaning of life.


Hackers: Teenage cyber geeks get outhacked by a super hacker who frames them for industrial conspiracy. The teens must use their techno skills to resolve the problem as police, federal security, and the superhacker all want to delete them.


Heaven Can Wait (Here Comes Mr. Jordan): A second string football player (or a boxer) is taken too early by his guardian angel and is sent back to Earth assuming the body of a millionaire with athletic aspirations.


Highlander: Aliens on Earth are immortal and can’t be terminated unless they’re decapitated and must never fight on sacred, holy ground. In the end, “there can be only one.”


The Hills Have Eyes: Inbred mountain cannibals invite lost guests to (be) dinner.


House: A horror novelist moves into his deceased aunt’s haunted house where rooms transform into nightmares and monsters are no longer closet bound.


Idolmaker: A hot talent agent can turn teens into superstars. He creates one rock star who gets replaced by a younger upcoming talent.


The In-Laws: An importer’s son and a dentist’s daughter are to be married. The “importer,” a CIA agent, entangles the dentist in a counterfeiting and robbery scheme that has the two men avoiding federal agents and traveling to South America to meet with a lunatic dictator.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Alien pods take over a town and its citizens.


Island of the Dead: A business tycoon, a policewoman, a prison warden, and three convicts are stuck on a “burial ground” island as the disturbed dead resurrect.


It’s a Wonderful Life: An angel shows a suicidal man what life would be like if he was never born.


Jerry Maguire: A sports agent gets a conscience and is fired for it, forcing him and a co-worker girlfriend to start their own company that encounters a rocky road in business and romance.


Johnny Mnemonic: A data courier gets an overload of critical data downloaded into his head that contains extremely confidential information that a rich corporate head wants to remain a secret. An assassin seeks his head, a female enhanced bodyguard needs his protection money, rebel hackers need him to transport the data unharmed, and an ex-doctor tries to keep his head from exploding so the battle against a technology-induced epidemic can be stopped.


Joyride: Three friends steal a car that belongs to a revengeful, beautiful blonde assassin.


Jumanji: A board game that turns each move into reality transports a man back, who as a boy got stuck in the game world 26 years ago.


Junior: Two scientists researching an anti-miscarriage drug decide that one of them is to get pregnant by implanting a female researcher’s egg inside them.


James Bond (any): World-threatening missions and scantily clad women are standard issue for this licensed to kill British agent.


Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Aliens resembling psycho clowns trap Earthlings by setting up circus tents and getting them inside.


Labyrinth: A teen girl wishes for the Goblin King to take her baby brother. Then, regretting her plea, she must enter the ever-changing labyrinth and reach the castle before her brother becomes a goblin forever.


Ladyhawke: In medieval times, a young thief escapes a fortress prison and is saved by a knight, an ex-commander of the guards. The thief must then protect the knight’s hawk, which turns into his lover each night, while the knight becomes a wolf. Through adventures and a repenting priest’s dream, the cursed couple must travel to the fortress and face their destiny, their enslaver.


Last Action Hero: A youngster who idolizes a comic book character (a movie, police action hero) gets a golden ticket to enter his favorite movie world. The boy becomes his idol’s newfound friend and accidentally frees the evil villains from the movie world into the real world. This forces his idol to come back to the real world to track down and stop the villains. In the real world, their counterparts, the real actors, interact with them at their latest movie’s premiere.


The Last Starfighter: A trailer park teen loner becomes an expert at a newly arrived video game that unknowingly trains intergalactic pilots in a real-life space war. The teen is recruited in an adventure that he thought was only a game.


Lifeforce: A beautiful female space vampire in London drains human life, not blood, and creates disappearing zombies.


Little Shop of Horrors: A strange plant attracts huge sales to a flower shop, but its timid owner soon learns that his rapidly growing, popular plant needs warm human blood to survive.


Logan’s Run: In a futuristic domed world, pleasure-seeking people exist for only 30 years, until a young officer is forced to either die in the Coliseum or run away to find sanctuary. He gets hunted by his best friend and fellow officer who eagerly wants him dead.


The Long Kiss Goodnight: A quiet engaged schoolteacher hires a black private investigator to discover her past, which amnesia has wiped out. As the search for truth continues, her nightmares about her past and the CIA begin to evolve the brown-haired teacher into her former self, a blonde, highly trained CIA assassin.


Lord of Illusions: A New York private investigator gets involved with the widow of the magician he is investigating. A demonic cult with a resurrecting demon and his psycho followers and the world of magicians unveil the secrets behind the seemingly obvious.


Made in Heaven: To remain eternal lovers, two heavenly souls are reborn on Earth and must find each other or lose each other forever.


The Man Who Knew Too Little: A video store clerk from Iowa visits his successful brother in London as his own birthday surprise. His brother is having a very important business party with clients and decides to send the naive American birthday boy on a “special night out,” participating in a real-life role-playing theatre experience. He mistakenly gets involved with a hit man and an international plot to initiate a global war. He truly believes that he is playing a well-rehearsed game and is totally oblivious to the real danger he is part of.


Mannequin: An ancient Egyptian woman is brought to life as a mannequin by a department store clerk who falls in love with her, despite his successful fiancée who works for a competing store. The mannequin only comes to life for him as he climbs the company ladder and is the target of the store’s security and idol of the store’s flamboyant window designer.


The Mask: A quiet bank clerk discovers an ancient mask with supernatural powers that animates him. He falls in love with a mobster’s sexy singing lady.


Memento: In Los Angeles, a man searches for his wife’s killer while unable to remember current events due to an accident that destroyed his short-term memory (every 15 minutes he forgets everything). Polaroids, Post-its, and tattoos remind him of vital clues and suspects.


Men In Black: Two top-secret government agents dressed in black and wearing sunglasses keep track and maintain the order of alien visitors on Earth, mainly in New York City. When an assassination of a diplomat occurs and a galaxy is threatened, alien destruction of Earth must be dealt with.


Michael: The archangel’s last visit to Earth is filled with wine, women, and dancing as reporters from a Chicago tabloid newspaper want his story.


Midnight Run: An ex-bounty hunter must bring the mob’s ex-accountant and embezzler from New York to California by car (since he refuses to fly), but the mob, the FBI, and an eager, meaner competing bounty hunter are also interested in the accountant.


Moon Over Parador: When a Latin American dictator suddenly dies, an actor who resembles him is hired for the role of a lifetime while an ambitious political rival seeks eventual control of the country and a desirable woman needs his help.


Most Wanted: A Marine sergeant guarding the first lady’s press conference is framed for her assassination and must evade the CIA, FBI, LAPD, and team he was assigned to and its leaders until he can solve his dilemma.


Never Been Kissed: A young female Chicago newspaper copy editor gets her first undercover assignment to go back to high school as a student and write a front page story.


Nick of Time: An evil psycho kidnaps an accountant’s young daughter and forces the accountant (a conservative widower) to assassinate the female governor of California in 90 minutes. This film is shot in real time where all events happen within the 90-minute window.


Night of the Living Dead: Space radiation creates flesh-eating zombies from the recently deceased as a group of scared humans occupy an isolated farmhouse.


The Ninth Gate: An unscrupulous rare-book dealer gets hired by a wealthy publishing mogul to search and authenticate three copies of a 17th-century book, which has secret writings that can forcefully enslave the devil.


Not Without My Daughter: An American woman married to an Arab medical doctor travels to Iran only to find out that she has no rights, doesn’t speak the language, and since her husband has taken her passport she can’t leave the country.


Ocean’s Eleven: A gang of eleven friends decide to rob five Las Vegas casinos at the same time.


The Omen: An American diplomat adopts the son of Satan who has special powers. Sequels follow Damien (son of Satan) throughout his life.


Other People’s Money: A corporate raider’s computer indicates top profitable companies that are ready for a takeover like the New England Wire and Cable, a family owned company that is worth more sold than to leave it operating. What’s a raider to do when a prime target is worth more to his pocket, but the owner’s beautiful lawyer daughter has stolen his heart?


Out of Towners: A naive Ohio couple’s misadventures in New York City, where everything goes awry.


Planet of the Apes: A member of a space team accidentally lands on a planet where apes rule and humans are their slaves.


Poseidon Adventure: A cruise ship capsizes and the surviving passengers must roam the leaking upside-down ship and survive until help arrives.


Predator: A space-hunting alien visits Earth seeking humans as trophies.


Proof of Life: When an American engineer is kidnapped by South American anti-government guerrillas, a professional hostage negotiator is hired and begins to have an interest in his assignment’s wife.


Pure Luck (or La Chevre): An accident-prone heiress with extremely bad luck disappears in Mexico, and a hard-nosed detective and a clumsy accountant (himself a bad luck magnet) travel south to find and rescue her.


Ringmaster: A trash TV show host must interview perverts, misfits, and psychos to keep his ratings high and his addicted audience tuned in.


The Rock: At the impenetrable prison on Alcatraz Island, a general with a deep interest in settling a military benefit issue holds hostages and has a deadly gas bomb that will be unleashed upon San Francisco. A biochemical weapons specialist and an ex-prisoner, the only man to escape Alcatraz, are sent in to remedy the threatening situation.


The Running Man: A futuristic TV show where convicted criminals must evade a labyrinth of unique costumed assassins to receive a pardon.


Scavenger Hunt: A millionaire wills his entire fortune to one person in a selected group of 15 people who are involved in searching and collecting a list of items in a scavenger hunt where the winner earns the inheritance.


Seven: Detectives hunt down a serial killer whose crimes relate to the seven deadly sins.


Seven Chances: After his girlfriend dumps him, a bachelor must get married by a strict deadline in order to inherit seven million dollars. Pandemonium occurs after he advertises for a wife to make him a wealthy married man.


Shattered: A serious automobile accident disfigures a married architect and leaves him with no memory of his past. Plastic surgery restores his physical problems while a private investigator searches for his past to find out the truth about him.


Silence of the Lambs: A female FBI cadet specializing in psychology must stop a serial killer on the rampage by interviewing a clever psychiatrist who is a famous imprisoned serial killer himself.


The Sixth Day: A family man thought dead after his company-owned helicopter explodes is illegally replaced by his clone. When the evil corporation learns that he has survived, numerous undying assassin clones keep hunting him down.


Speed: An LA SWAT cop plays a dangerous game of “cat and mouse” with an expert bomber who desires a huge ransom for a grudge he has with the government, and a public bus must remain above 55 mph or explode in heavy LA traffic.


Star Wars: A young man whose family is killed learns secret jedi skills from a master and ventures out into space seeking revenge.


Stay Tuned: A twist on the “devil wants your soul” theme as an unhappily married couple gets mistakenly sucked into their Hellivision set and must use their remote control to surf devilish channels and survive 24 hours of sadistic versions of popular TV shows.


Terminator: A futuristic robot returns to Earth seeking to kill the young man who will one day lead the resistance against technology.


They Live: Aliens are secretly living among humans and can only be spotted when the human is wearing special sunglasses that ignore color and show the real world, which is in black and white.


Thrill Seekers: A tabloid reporter researching great catastrophes of the past notices in photos the same person in events that span centuries. He along with another female reporter discovers that a future travel agency offers its clients a vacation to historic disasters.


Total Recall: With nightly dreams of visiting Mars, a married construction worker buys an implanted vacation where he is a secret agent in search of alien artifacts and interacts with the mutant underground while evading government assassins. When he awakes, his co-workers, his wife, and government agents want him dead, forcing him to try to discover whether it’s all a dream or reality.


Wages of Fear: Four eager citizens who desperately want to leave a Central American poor, desolate town volunteer for a suicide mission to transport trucks of nitroglycerine to extinguish a raging well fire 300 treacherous miles away. Each person will receive $2,000, enough money to happily leave town.


The Warriors: At a New York City street gang rally, the leader of New York’s toughest and largest gang is assassinated. The Warriors, a Brooklyn-Coney Island gang, are mistakenly blamed for the murder, and they must safely return home as the word is spread through the radio to destroy the Warriors.


West World: An adult resort island where human-like robots in a western fantasy town interact with human vacationers until an electric malfunction turns friendly robots into terrorizing ones.


White Man’s Burden: A reverse of life concept where blacks have all the wealth and power and the white race struggles. A bigoted black CEO fires the white main character who kidnaps his black boss and shows him how the other half lives.


Wishmaster: An evil genie grants wishes to his victims in a destructive and evil version of their desires.

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