Games Have a Goal

The goal in chess is for one player to force a winning situation by “checkmate” or having the opponent resign (quit).

The goal in many sports games is to outscore the opponent.

The goal in Othello is to occupy the most spaces on the board.

The goal in a game where you oversee a city or a planet may be to restore balance to a chaotic environment.

Other noteworthy goals for future games might be based on “losing for a greater good.” Like in the film Brewster’s Millions, Richard Pryor must become penniless to inherit the family fortune. Each turn the player receives a set amount of money to invest unwisely, and after a set number of turns, the player must be broke.

Other altruistic goals could be the game’s goal, like “self sacrifice,” “helping the less fortunate,” or “giving up all worldly possessions for a cause.”

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