Developer Secrets

Being a relatively new area, few developers have yet had the chance to really dive into the nitty gritty of ASP.NET. Thankfully, I have, and in this chapter I m going to share more developer secrets with you than anywhere else in this book. Let s look at the list.

User Interface

  • Five-Step Checklist for the Validation Controls

  • Displaying Web Warning Messages: Technique 1

  • Displaying Web Warning Messages: Technique 2

  • Unveiled: How to Create a Default Enter Button

  • Wonders of the Little-Known SmartNavigation Property

  • The Secret Behind User Controls

  • Why the Panel Control Is Super Useful

  • Moving List Items Up and Down, Easily

  • Resizing in Web Applications

  • Stopping Your User from Right-Clicking

  • Creating Scrollable Micro Windows

  • Why You Should Learn CSS

Code Techniques

  • Three Steps to Changing your Page Title in Code

  • How to Automatically Fill Out Email Fields

  • Sending Mail in ASP.NET

  • The Trick to Creating User-Friendly URLs

  • Adding Real-Time HTML to Your Page

  • The Secret to Uploading Files with Ease

  • Storing Uploaded Files in Your Database

  • Working with Uploaded Images

  • Creating Images Dynamically

  • Code for Generating Thumbnails on the Fly

  • Five Steps to ASP.NET Authentication

  • Forms Authentication, Without Web.config

  • Authenticating Just Part of Your Site

  • The Best Place to Store Your Settings

  • Steal Fantastic Forum Code from Microsoft and Save Yourself Hours

  • Integrating with PayPal s Instant Payment Notification

Optimization, Errors, and Other Tips

  • Subfolders in Web Applications: Confused?

  • Choosing a Directory Other Than c:\inetpub\ wwwroot \

  • Creating Super-Fast ASP.NET Applications, with Caching

  • Nine Steps to Successful Debugging

  • Hiding Error Code from your Clients

  • Forget 404: Customizing Your Page Not Found

  • Server.Transfer vs. Response.Redirect

  • Using .IsClientConnected for Long Processes

  • Preventing Client Caching, with Meta Tags

  • Uploading Files Larger Than 4MB

  • What to Do When Session_End Doesn t Work

  • Spying on Your Web Host: Checking Uptime in .NET

  • Can It Cope? ”Stress Testing Your Web Apps

  • The Two Methods of Moving Web Servers

  • Where to Put Your Files with an ASP.NET Host

  • Uh-oh: Installing IIS After Visual Studio .NET

Raring to go? Get ready to delve into the wonderful world of ASP.NET .

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