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Visual Studio .NET and, more specifically , Visual Basic .NET give developers more productivity and more power to develop applications, but at the cost of a complex development environment and with a whole new set of potential bugs .

Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging analyzes the new defect types that arise with VB .NET and investigates the debugging of every type of VB .NET application together with many common debugging scenarios. Author Mark Pearce shows you how to use the powerful new .NET debugging tools to find bugs wherever they hide ”even buried deep within distributed applications.

About the Author

Mark Pearce is a freelance consultant and developer specializing in the design and construction of investment banking IT systems. He specializes in software quality processes and has consulted for many blue-chip clients including Citigroup, Nomura, Barclays Capital, Lehmans, Enron, British Petroleum, and Citibank. His other major areas of interest include database design, middleware messaging, and distributed applications.

Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging
Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging
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