In this chapter, we discussed many different aspects of handling documents and document libraries in a custom WSS solution. You have seen various options for programming documents and storing them in document libraries. You have also seen how to create a feature that provisions a document library and configures it to use a custom document template. By gaining an understanding of these techniques, you can use these skills to put together the basic building blocks to construct document management solutions with WSS and MOSS.

The second half of this chapter explored several possibilities when integrating WSS and its document libraries with other applications such as InfoPath, Word, and Excel. You have seen how to use Forms libraries to capture and process information entered into InfoPath forms. You have also seen how to build rich documents for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from within server-side components running within a custom WSS solution.

Inside Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services Version 3
Inside Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services Version 3
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