Chapter 8. Arrays and Collections


    Recipe 8.1.  Filling an Array While Declaring It

    Recipe 8.2.  Sorting Array Elements

    Recipe 8.3.  Reversing an Array

    Recipe 8.4.  Inserting into an Array

    Recipe 8.5.  Shuffling an Array

    Recipe 8.6.  Swapping Two Array Values

    Recipe 8.7.  Resizing Arrays Without Losing Existing Values

    Recipe 8.8.  Quickly Copying Part of an Array into Another

    Recipe 8.9.  Writing a Comma-Separated-Values File from a String Array

    Recipe 8.10.  Reading a Comma-Separated-Values File into a String Array

    Recipe 8.11.  Using a Multivalue Array Instead of a Two-Dimensional Array

    Recipe 8.12.  Converting Between Delimited Strings and Arrays

    Recipe 8.13.  Formatting an Array as a Single String

    Recipe 8.14.  Iterating Through Array Elements

    Recipe 8.15.  Passing Arrays to Methods

    Recipe 8.16.  Returning Arrays from Functions

    Recipe 8.17.  Creating a Collection

    Recipe 8.18.  Inserting an Item into a Collection

    Recipe 8.19.  Deleting a Collection Item

    Recipe 8.20.  Iterating Through a Collection

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