Logging In and Out

If you have set up accounts, you see the different account names when you turn on your computer. You can click your account to log on. Any personalized settings, such as a customized desktop, wallpaper, Favorites list, and others, are loaded, and you see Windows XP just the way you left it. You can get to work.


Consider having one person as the computer administrator. This person can create new accounts and modify and delete existing accounts. Use limited accounts for those you don't want to have complete access to the computer. These users can perform all the basic computing tasks, but cannot perform system tasks such as installing programs.

You can also switch from one user account to another. For instance, if you are finished working, you can log off so that your child or spouse can log on. If you are going to be away from the computer for a short time, you can stay logged on, but simply switch users.

Logging Off

To log off, follow these steps:


Click the Start button and click Log Off.


You can change the way users log on or off. To do so, click Change the way users log on or off from the list of tasks in the first User Accounts window. You can use the Welcome screen (the default), or if you want to keep programs running and return to them as they are, you can also enable the Fast User Switching option. Make your choice and click Apply Options.


When asked whether you're sure that you want to log off, click the Log Off button. You are then logged off. Windows XP also saves any settings you changed, and you'll see the Welcome screen.

Switching Users

If you simply want to switch to another user account, you can do so without logging off. (However, it's best to log off to conserve system resources.) For instance, you may switch users if someone needs to check his or her email or use the computer for a short time. To switch users, follow these steps:


Click Start and then Log Off.


Click the Switch User button. You'll see the Welcome screen.


Click the account you want to switch to. (You'll also need to type the password if the account is password protected.) That account then becomes active.

Logging On

When you log off or when you first start Windows, you see the Welcome screen that lists all user accounts. To log on to one of these accounts, click the account name. If a password has been assigned to the account, type the password and press Enter. Once you are logged on, all personalized settings are loaded, and you can use your own personalized setup for Windows.

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