Installing Software from the CD-ROM

To install the software from the CD-ROM, copy the /localhost and /usr directories from the CD-ROM to the c:/ disk (or any other disk).

To start the Apache server, run the /USR/APACHE/APACHE.EXE file.

Many examples require that you download and install MySQL server 4.0. It can be downloaded from . Version 4.0 is available at http://dev.mysql.eom/downloads/mysql/4.0.html

I recommend that you download a version without the installer for Windows. Unpack the archive file to the /usr/mysql/ directory and the copy contents of the /usr/mysql/data/ directory from the CD-ROM.

MySQL is ready to start. To start it, run the WINMYSQLADMIN.EXE files located in the /usr/mysql/bin/ directory.

Some examples written in Perl require that you download and install the database interface (DBI) module.

Some examples in Chapter 4 require that you download and install the mod_security module of the Apache server.


Before you install the software, read the license agreements.

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