HueSaturation Commands

Hue/Saturation Commands



Menu: Image Adjustments Hue/Saturation

Mac: Cmd + U

Win: Ctrl + U

Hue/Saturation with Last-Used Settings


Mac: Cmd + Option + U

Win: Ctrl + Alt + U

Move Range to a New Location


Mouse: Click in image

This works only when you're seeing the range ”that is, not when you're using the Master option from the pop-up menu.

Add to Range


Mouse: Shift + click/drag in image

Subtract from Range


Mac: Option + click/drag in image

Win: Alt + click/drag in image

Edit Master


Mac: Cmd + ~ (tilde)

Win: Ctrl + ~ (tilde)

Edit Individual Colors


Mac: Cmd + (1 “6)

Win: Ctrl + (1 “6)

Color Number
Reds 1
Yellows 2
Greens 3
Cyans 4
Blues 5
Magentas 6

Note: The Extract and Liquify commands have moved from the Image menu to the Filter menu in Photoshop 7. Please see the chapter, "The Filter Menu," for these shortcuts.

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