The Color Palette

Show or Hide the Color Palette


Menu: Window Showing/Hiding Color

Both: F6


Set Background Color in the Color Palette


Mac: Option + click on color ramp

Win: Alt + click on color ramp

Cycle Through Color Ramps in the Color Palette


Mouse: Shift + click on color bar

The default color bar at the bottom of the Color palette displays the RGB color spectrum for quick selection of colors without having to open the Color Picker dialog box. You can change the ramp to display an RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, or Current Colors color.

Note: This only changes the color ramp, not the actual color slider controls in the palette that allow you to make precise value choices.

Choose a Specific Color Bar


Mac: Ctrl + click on color bar

Win: Right + click on color bar

This displays a contextual menu of the four different display choices for the color bar, plus the option to choose Make Ramp Web Safe.


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