Chapter 3: Communication and Connection


The six activities in this chapter focus on the big picture of communication and the process of people connecting with each other for personal development and organizational health. While many traditional communication skills ”listening, giving and receiving feedback, observing behavior ”are featured, these six seminar leaders go way beyond the ordinary and elaborate on these communication skills and other person-to-person skills for connection and accomplishing mutual goals. The wisdom of this chapter is found in the depth of ideas and the collective creativity of presentation of the activities themselves .

Chapter 3 begins with an activity to help individuals present a positive professional image and all that this entails; it is much more than active listening. "Being present" to each other is a skill that's explained in several different ways. Striving for personal power, driving out the fear of nervousness during presentations, and finding "friendly faces" in one's audience are all learning objectives that bring with them new skills. An expansion of the idea of interviewing to include not only employee selection, but also the kinds of interviewing needed for selling, counseling , and daily management interactions systematically elaborates on the connection skills required for successful interviewing of all kinds. Getting the feel of really listening ”at a visceral level ”is the goal of another simple yet profound exercise. A partner role play featuring "Ida Wantaworry" and "Don Decide" works on negotiation and creating win/win situations based on trust and the kind of communication that results in mutually agreeable action plans. The chapter concludes with an exercise that fosters cross-cultural communication. The chapter is full of trainee handouts and includes a preseminar assignment from one seminar leader.

The AMA Trainers Activity Book. A Selection of the Best Learning Exercises from the Worlds Premiere Training Organization
The AMA Trainers Activity Book: A Selection of the Best Learning Exercises from the Worlds Premiere Training Organization
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