• Copies of the Project Definition table (2.1) can be downloaded from the web site

  • If you really want to explore this topic in more detail, try:

    The Project Manager: Mastering the Art of Delivery (Financial Times Prentice Hall) by Richard Newton, 2005, Chapter 2.

To Do Now

  • There is no better way to learn than by doing, so print off a copy of the Project Definition template (Table 2.1) and start to complete it for your project.

  • As you fill it in ask yourself:

    • How much detail should you go into?

    • For the project you are about to start, who are you going to work with to develop the Project Definition?

    • How are you going to ensure they agree and commit to it?

    The end result of the Project Definition should be a document that gives you enough information to really understand what the project is, and which gives your customer confidence that you really understand their needs.

  • If you are having problems completing the Project Definition, practise by thinking about a project you are going to do for yourself perhaps you will do some major DIY, have a special holiday, or want to start your own business. Try developing your own Project Definition.

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