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s command, debugger 2nd
     comments in 2nd
     examples in archive for
     execute permission for
     functions in
     good practices for
     options for, guidelines
     order of precedence for
     potential problems with
     running as background job
     running in subshells
     when not to use bash for
     whitespace in
SECOND environment variable
SECONDS environment variable
     PATH variable and
     privileged mode
     restricted shell
     suid bit and
     system break-in scenario
     Trojan horses
sed command
select statement 2nd
     Bourne shell not supporting
     POSIX support
selection sort example
semicolon (;)
     statement separator
     vi command
set command
     -k option
     -o and +o options 2nd
     -r option
     Bourne shell support
     debugging options for
     displaying settings of
     emacs option 2nd
     functrace option 2nd
     ignoreeof option
     noclobber option 2nd
     noexec option 2nd
     noglob option
     nounset option
     options for, list of
     options for, setting on bash command line 2nd
     pdksh support
     posix option
     privileged option 2nd
     verbose option 2nd
     vi option 2nd
     xtrace option 2nd
set user ID (suid) bit
set wildcard construct
sh (Bourne shell) 2nd
     compared to bash
     compatibility with bash
shared object compilation
SHELL environment variable 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
shell execution directive
shell programming [See scripts]
shell scripts [See scripts]
shell variables 2nd
     attributes of
     braces syntax for
     built-in, list of
     checking value of
     command substitution in
     containing process ID
     converting to environment variables
     declaring as arrays 2nd
     declaring as function names 2nd
     declaring as integers 2nd
     displaying list of, with values
     exporting to environment 2nd
     for command-line editing
     for mail
     for prompting
     in arithmetic expressions
     naming 2nd 3rd
     not supported by Bourne shell
     positional parameters
     read-only 2nd
     reading values into
     string operators for
     using in commands
     value of, as name of another variable
SHELLOPTS environment variable
shells 2nd 3rd 4th [See also bash]
     Bourne (sh) 2nd 3rd
     C shell (csh) 2nd
     determining which shell is in use
     history of
     IEEE POSIX 1003.2 2nd
     Korn (ksh) 2nd 3rd
     login shell 2nd 3rd
     on PC platforms
     Public Domain Korn (pdksh)
     restricted 2nd 3rd
     standard shell 2nd
     Tenex C (tcsh)
shift command 2nd
SHLVL environment variable
shopt command
     Bourne shell support
     extdebug option
     options for, list of
     options on bash command line for
show-all-if-ambiguous variable, readline
     control-key signals
     kill command
     POSIX support
single quotes (')
     around special characters
     command line processing of
     enclosing RETURN
     in alias definition
     when to use 2nd
slash (/)
     // (pattern-matching and replacement operator)
     division operator
     in restricted shell
     pattern-matching and replacement operator
     vi command
soft limits
sort command 2nd
     -n option
     -r option
source command 2nd
Spafford, Gene (Practical UNIX and Internet Security)
special characters
     control keys
Stallman, Richard
standard error
     file descriptor for
     prompts sent to
     saving to a file
standard error and output file example 2nd
standard input
     file descriptor for
     reading commands from
standard output
     file descriptor for
     saving to a file 2nd
standard shell 2nd
statement separator
status [See exit status of commands]
stepping, in debugger 2nd 3rd
Strang, John (Learning the UNIX Operating System)
string comparisons
string I/O
string operators
     extended pattern matching operators
     length operator
     pattern matching operators
     substitution operators
stty command 2nd
subprocesses [See also background jobs]
     environment settings known to
subroutines [See functions]
     environment variables in
     inheritance of
     scripts running in
substitution operators
substring expansion
suid (set user ID) bit
suspend command
switch statement
system administration
     bash command options for
     configuring and building bash
     customizing environment
     global customization
     installing bash as login shell
     installing bash as standard shell
     obtaining bash
     switching bash to POSIX mode
     unpacking bash archive
system calls, pipelines invoking
System V, ps command

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