Section 18.3. Logging Commands

18.3. Logging Commands

These commands have to do with the script editor application's logging window or pane. They control the generation of the AppleScript messages that this window or pane is "watching" while it is open.



 log value 


If the event log pane or window is open, writes value to the log pane or window. This is useful for debugging. See Appendix A for an example.

stop log, start log


 stop log start log 


If the event log pane or window is open, disables and enables automatic logging of Apple events sent between applications; has no effect on the log command.

Only the old version of Script Editor (version 1.9), and Script Debugger, implement stop log and start log properly. If you try to use them in Smile or in the current Script Editor, you get a runtime error.

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