Digital Media Applications

Because the Mac is such a fabulous machine for multimedia work, there are a number of computer applications available for it that can be used for various purposes.

In this book, we'll be focusing our attention on four digital media applications created by Apple especially for the Mac. Those applications, available as a collection under the name iLife, are

  • iTunes stores music as MP3 files and helps you burn custom CDs as well as listen to Internet radio stations .

  • iPhoto helps you import and organize digital photographs as well as adjust photo quality and share your work.

  • iMovie enables you to edit digital video. It also includes features that let you add titles and visual effects to your movies.

  • iDVD enables those with DVD-writing Macs to create their own DVDs containing video, still photos, and music.

We'll also discuss a popular program from the Adobe company called Photoshop Elements, which is used for editing (and creating) digital images.

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