Section 4.2. Exposed Session Data

4.2. Exposed Session Data

Session data often consists of personal information and other sensitive data. For this reason, the exposure of session data is a common concern. In general, the exposure is minimal, because the session data store resides in the server environment, whether in a database or the filesystem. Therefore, session data is not inherently subject to public exposure.

Enabling SSL is a particularly useful way to minimize the exposure of data being sent between the client and the server, and this is very important for applications that exchange sensitive data with the client. SSL provides a layer of security beneath HTTP, so that all data within HTTP requests and responses is protected.

If you are concerned about the security of the session data store itself, you can encrypt it so that session data cannot be read without the appropriate key. This is most easily achieved in PHP by using session_set_save_handler( ) and writing your own session storage and retrieval functions that encrypt session data being stored and decrypt session data being read. See Appendix C for more information about encrypting a session data store.

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