The typographical style of this book is similar to that of other programming books:

  • File, library, GConf keys, and URLs , such as gobject.h , /apps/gconfdemo/ pictures_as_words , and are set in italic.

  • Glossary terms appear in boldface italic at first mention.

  • Menu commands are in boldface , separated by an angle bracket (>): for example, File > Open or Help > Info .

  • C code, shell commands, function names, and variable names are in a monospaced typeface:

     GtkWidget *foo = gtk_widget_new(); 

    Note that you can distinguish a function by its trailing parentheses:

  • Class names like GtkWidget are set in boldface.

  • Object names also appear in monospace . Therefore, you might see phrases like "The object gconf belongs to the GConfClient class" and " gconf is a GConfClient ." However, you will frequently see "a GConfClient object" used to refer to an indefinite object of a class.

  • Parameters such as object in G_OBJECT( object ) are in monospaced italic .

  • Properties and signals such as changed , set- size , and shadow-type appear in monospaced bold .

  • Pseudocode such as << save humanity >> is monospaced between two sets of angle brackets. You will often see << ... >> . This means that there's no reason to say what this pseudocode does, because it's either obvious or undefined .

  • References to literature such as [Wirth] and [Pennington] appear in brackets. Appendix C is a bibliography.


There are note indicators in the margin to denote material that is particularly helpful or important.


Likewise, if you see a warning in the margin, you should read the material carefully , or there's a good chance that you might shoot yourself in the foot .

Because the text in this book has a maximum width of 83 monospaced characters , all programs and file listings that exceed this limit must be split. A backslash ( \ ) at the end of a line indicates that the next line is a continuation. Unfortunately, not all C compilers understand line continuation in the same way, and some programs that work with the other file listings in this book don't support it at all. You should always consider split lines to be a single line, other than notable exceptions such as Makefiles and shell scripts.

The Official GNOME 2 Developers Guide
The Official GNOME 2 Developers Guide
ISBN: 1593270305
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 108

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