Installing the ASP.NET Unleashed Sample Store

The complete source code for the sample store is included on the CD that accompanies this book. Three steps are required to install the sample store:

  1. Create a new virtual directory named aspnetstore .

  2. Execute the CreateSQLObjects.sql installation script to create all the necessary tables and stored procedures to use the store.

  3. Modify the Web.Config file so that it contains a valid connection string to your database.

After you copy the directory that contains all the files for the sample store to your computer, you'll need to create a virtual directory that points to it. This virtual directory must be named aspnetstore .

The next step is to generate the necessary SQL database tables and stored procedures. Open the CreateSQLObjects.sql script from the CD that accompanies this book and execute the script from the SQL Query Analyzer. The script builds the Categories, Products, OrderDetails, and Orders tables. It also copies the contents of the Categories and Products tables from the Northwind database to the new Categories and Products tables.


The ASP.NET Unleashed Sample Store uses the Categories and Products tables from the Northwind database table. If you have uninstalled this database from your server, the CreateSQLObjects.sql script won't work.

The final installation step is to modify the Web.Config file. The Web.Config file contains the SQL Server connection string used by all the ASP.NET pages and components . You must change the connection string to one that will work for your installation of SQL Server.

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