Chapter 17. Caching ASP.NET Applications


  • Using Page Output Caching

  • Using Page Fragment Caching

  • Using Page Data Caching

In this chapter, you learn how to cache the contents of an ASP.NET page and arbitrary data in an ASP.NET application. You learn about the three different caching mechanisms supported by the ASP.NET Framework.

First, you learn how to improve the performance of an ASP.NET page by taking advantage of page output caching, which enables you to cache the contents of an entire dynamically generated page on your server. You can cache a page for an absolute period of time or implement a sliding expiration policy.

Next, you learn how to use page fragment caching, which enables you to cache particular areas of a page. For example, you can use page fragment caching to cache a page's menu bar, but not a list of current stock prices.

Finally, you examine how to use data caching in an ASP.NET application. You can use data caching to cache DataSet s and other types of data. After the data is cached, you can use the same data in multiple ASP.NET pages.

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