Chapter 14: Developing Modules: The Business Logic Layer


This chapter covered the physical database creation all the way to the abstraction class contained in your module project. Here are points to remember when developing your database and data classes for your module:

  • In addition to a primary key for module records, add a module ID field, because each module instance is assigned a unique module ID by the DotNetNuke framework.

  • Each stored procedure will have a corresponding method contained within the Data Access Layer.

  • Each physical database provider will be created in its own assembly project in the same namespace as the module.

  • Each abstraction base class will contain duplicate method names in the Data Access Layer that must be overridden.

That's it for the Database Layer. The next chapter covers the Business Logic Layer (BLL), in which you take the data from your database and create objects that you later bind to your user controls for display.

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