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Using the Slideshow feature, you can run a full-screen show of all pictures in any folder or label. Controls are available at the bottom of the show, enabling you to set options, skip forward or backward, and rotate individual images, for example. (Some display and play options are governed by settings in the Options dialog box. See Chapter 2 for details.)

Select the folder or label that you want to display as a slide show. (If you select a specific thumbnail, the show will start with that image. Otherwise, it will start with the first image in the folder or label.)

Click the Slideshow button above the Picture Library or the Edit pane, choose View > Slideshow, or press . The slide show begins.

By clicking the strip's icons (from left to right), you can end the slide show, move back to the previous slide, continue playing, skip forward to the next slide, add or remove a star from the current slide, rotate the current slide counterclockwise or clockwise, show or hide captions for all slides, or change the duration that each slide stays onscreen. When you're done making changes, click the Play button or press to resume the slide show.

Note: Changes to an image's rotation or star setting are retained after you exit the slide show.

    team bbl

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