Chapter23.Flash Remoting with ColdFusion

Chapter 23. Flash Remoting with ColdFusion


  • What Is Flash Remoting?

  • The Application Server

  • Technical Requirements

  • ColdFusion and Flash Flowchart

  • Setting Up the Server

  • Setting Up Your Database

  • Creating a ColdFusion Data Source

  • Reviewing the Application

  • Let's Begin: ColdFusion Components (CFCs)

  • Flash Remoting and ActionScript 2.0

  • Building Your Application

Fast-food restaurants have become a part of everyone's lives, and the driving force of most fast-food restaurants is the drive-through window. The drive-through window allows you (the client) to interact with the restaurant (the server). You drive up to the intercom, place your order to the server, the server processes your order, and by the time you drive around to the next window, your order is ready to go.

We have all heard the term client/server and we are familiar with the definition, but over time there has been a constant introduction of new methods to communicate between the client and server. It does not matter if it is technology or fast-food related; new methods are always being introduced to increase productivity. Macromedia also has seen the need to increase productivity by creating Flash Remoting.

Flash Remoting allows a Flash movie/application (the client) to interact with the host computer (the server). This may not sound exciting, but if you already understand the power of Flash, after you learn Flash Remoting, there is no turning back. The combination of the rich media (animation, sound, and video) that Flash allows us to integrate into our projects and dynamic data that resides on servers or web services creates an unparalleled user experience.

Can you picture your favorite fast-food restaurant without a drive-through window? After learning this technology, it will be difficult to picture Flash without Flash Remoting.


You will need to have a basic knowledge of Flash ActionScript, web server administration, and at least a beginner-level understanding of scripting to understand this chapter.

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