Much like blend modes, filters will not be new to Photoshop users, but they are new to Flash. Filters allow things such as drop shadow, blur, and beveling to be applied directly to a movie clip, a button, or a text field right from the Filters panel, which is held in Properties Inspector (Flash Professional 8 only). You can also have multiple filters applied to a single object and stack them in different orders to get different effects.

You can see the Filter panel options for the Drop Shadow filter in Figure 1.10. Notice that you can not only adjust the filter, but also how the object interacts with the filter. For instance, you can check the Knockout option, and the filter will remain, but the object on the stage will have vanished.

Figure 1.10. The Filters panel, for applying visual effects to objects on the stage.

Following is a list of all available filters:

  • DropShadow Adds a drop shadow to an object, inner or outer.

  • Blur Adds a blur effect to an object.

  • Glow Adds a glow to an object, inner or outer.

  • Bevel Adds a simple bevel to an object.

  • GradientGlow Adds a gradient glow to an object, inner or outer.

  • GradientBevel Adds a gradient bevel to an object.

  • AdjustColor Allows you to adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue of an object.

Even more options are available when you apply filters to objects with ActionScript, as you will see in Chapter 13.

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