Chapter 7. Example Configurations

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In this chapter, we'll look at a number of possible applications for RT within an example company, Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems. Yoyodyne makes rocket engines and the software systems that control them. Unlike most manufacturers of rocket systems, they sell to a number of private customers. Yoyodyne has chosen RT as their enterprise-wide ticketing system for tracking everything from purchase orders to test-firings.

This walkthrough of Yoyodyne's RT configuration is fairly comprehensive, and although it could give you ideas for your own installation, nothing we recommend here should be taken as gospel. What works well at Yoyodyne might need some adjustment to be useful to your organization. It's our hope that based on Yoyodyne's working examples, you'll find new and innovative uses for RT.

Each example configuration consists of some combination of a queue, custom fields, scrips, templates, and ACLs. Chapter 5 explains how to use RT's web interface to implement these configurations.

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