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RT Essentials
By Darren Chamberlain, Richard Foley, Dave Rolsky, Robert Spier, Jesse Vincent
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: August 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00668-3
Pages: 216

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      Assumptions This Book Makes
      What's Inside
      Using Code Examples
      We'd Like to Hear from You
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      Chapter 1.  What Is Ticketing?
      Section 1.1.  Why "Ticket"?
      Section 1.2.  A Dissected Ticketing System
      Section 1.3.  Uses for a Ticketing System
      Section 1.4.  Features of a Ticketing System
      Section 1.5.  Ticketing Helps Everybody
      Section 1.6.  Getting Started
      Section 1.7.  Why RT?
      Chapter 2.  Installation
      Section 2.1.  Requirements
      Section 2.2.  Starting the Installation
      Section 2.3.  Site Configuration
      Section 2.4.  Configuring Your Web Server
      Section 2.5.  Serving RT Behind a Proxy Webserver
      Section 2.6.  Configuring Outbound Email
      Section 2.7.  Configuring Inbound Email
      Section 2.8.  Installation Problems
      Section 2.9.  Installation Complete
      Chapter 3.  Getting Started
      Section 3.1.  Logging in to RT
      Section 3.2.  Creating a New Ticket
      Section 3.3.  Ticket Display Page
      Section 3.4.  Replying to (and Commenting on) a Ticket
      Section 3.5.  Escalating a Ticket
      Section 3.6.  Assigning a Ticket
      Section 3.7.  Resolving a Ticket
      Section 3.8.  Merging Duplicate Tickets
      Section 3.9.  Associating Related Tickets
      Section 3.10.  Searching for Tickets
      Section 3.11.  Updating Many Tickets at Once
      Section 3.12.  Email Interface
      Chapter 4.  Command-Line Interface
      Section 4.1.  Running the CLI
      Section 4.2.  Creating a Ticket
      Section 4.3.  Finding a Ticket
      Section 4.4.  Replying to a Ticket
      Section 4.5.  Editing a Ticket
      Section 4.6.  Searching for Tickets
      Section 4.7.  Command-Line Help
      Section 4.8.  The Shell
      Section 4.9.  Scripting RT
      Chapter 5.  Administrative Tasks
      Section 5.1.  Creating and Updating Users
      Section 5.2.  Groups
      Section 5.3.  Queues
      Section 5.4.  Custom Fields
      Section 5.5.  Day-to-Day Management
      Section 5.6.  Backing Up RT
      Section 5.7.  Restoring RT
      Chapter 6.  Scrips
      Section 6.1.  How Scrips Work
      Section 6.2.  Gritty Details
      Section 6.3.  Examples
      Chapter 7.  Example Configurations
      Section 7.1.  Network and Server Operations
      Section 7.2.  Helpdesk
      Section 7.3.  Software Engineering
      Section 7.4.  Customer Service
      Section 7.5.  Emergency Support
      Section 7.6.  Sales Inquiries
      Section 7.7.  Human Resources
      Section 7.8.  Finance
      Section 7.9.  The Paperless Office
      Section 7.10.  Personal To-Do Lists
      Section 7.11.  Conclusion
      Chapter 8.  Architecture
      Section 8.1.  Quick Overview
      Section 8.2.  Filesystem Layout
      Section 8.3.  UnicodeUnicode
      Section 8.4.  Logical and Object Model
      Chapter 9.  API
      Section 9.1.  How It Works
      Section 9.2.  RT Codebase
      Section 9.3.  Database Considerations
      Chapter 10.  Development Environments
      Section 10.1.  DevelModeDevelMode
      Section 10.2.  Modifying RT's Codebase
      Section 10.3.  Access Control
      Section 10.4.  Profiling
      Section 10.5.  Debugging
      Section 10.6.  RT's Test Infrastructure
      Section 10.7.  Internationalization
      Section 10.8.  RT Community
      Section 10.9.  Packaging and Releasing an RT Extension
      Appendix A.  Glossary
      Section A.1.  Ticket
      Section A.2.  Subject
      Section A.3.  Status
      Section A.4.  Body
      Section A.5.  Transaction
      Section A.6.  Attachment
      Section A.7.  Watchers
      Section A.8.  History
      Section A.9.  Priority
      Section A.10.  Relationships
      Section A.11.  Dates
      Section A.12.  Custom Fields
      Section A.13.  Queue
      Section A.14.  Scrip
      Section A.15.  Conditions
      Section A.16.  Templates
      Section A.17.  Users
      Section A.18.  Groups
      Section A.19.  Principals
      Section A.20.  ACL
      Section A.21.  ACE
      Appendix B.  Command-Line Action Reference
      Appendix C.  Configuration
      Section C.1.  Environment Variables
      Section C.2.  Configuration Files
      Appendix D.  Required Perl Module Dependencies
      Appendix E.  Configuration File Reference
      Section E.1.  Base Configuration
      Section E.2.  Database Configuration
      Section E.3.  Incoming Mail Gateway Configuration
      Section E.4.  Outgoing Mail Configuration
      Section E.5.  Logging
      Section E.6.  Web Interface Configuration
      Section E.7.  RT UTF-8 Settings
      Section E.8.  RT Date Handling Options (for Time::ParseDate)
      Section E.9.  Miscellaneous RT Settings
      About the Author
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RT Essentials
RT Essentials
ISBN: 0596006683
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 166

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