1.7. Why RT?

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RT is designed not only to handle all the scenarios explored above, but it also is flexible enough to accomodate almost any variation with little or no specialized knowledge.

RT runs on a number of different mainstream platforms, including various flavors of Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS. RT supports several popular database backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. Finally, RT uses Perl a language familiar to many programmers and systems administrators to make local customization easy.

RT also has a great user and developer community, with active email lists and a handy wiki (http://wiki.bestpractical.com/). And because RT is open source software, you are free to extend and change the core product to suit your needs.

This chapter has described what a succesful ticketing system needs to support a satisfied user base, without focusing on any particular tool or solution. The rest of this book gets down to the nitty-gritty and describes how to use RT itself, from typical installation scenarios to detailed configuration files, and from the commandline to the web-based GUI interface.

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    RT Essentials
    RT Essentials
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