Chapter 3. Cisco Wireless Technologies

Chapter 3 Contents

Cisco SWAN pg 55

SWAN Highlights pg 56

Roaming pg 57

RF Management pg 58

Cisco Mobile Wireless Center pg 59

Provisioning Manager pg 61

Fault Mediator pg 61

Performance Mediator pg 61

Cisco Wireless Certifications pg 62

WLAN Design Specialist pg 62

WLAN Sales Specialist pg 63

WLAN Support Specialist pg 64

Other Resources pg 65

In the past, the functional extent of wireless networking was simply a means to remove clients from network cabling. This allowed users to roam freely and provided network access from remote locations.

Wireless networking has evolved. The enormous popularity and utility of wireless networks has increased the importance and difficulty of managing them. To help manage wireless networks, Cisco has developed two useful technologies:

  • Cisco Structured Wireless Aware Network (SWAN)

  • Cisco Mobile Wireless Center (MWC)

This chapter examines these two technologies and explains how you can use them in your own organization.

Finally, as a network professional, you might consider a wireless networking certification to prove your skill with Cisco wireless technologies. The last part of this chapter examines current wireless certifications and what those certifications encompass.

Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
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