Chapter 2. Cisco Antennas

Chapter 2 Contents

Models pg 35

Antenna Tech Primer pg 35

Cisco 2.4-GHz Antennas pg 38

Cisco 5-GHz Bridge Antennas pg 40

Cisco 2.4-GHz Bridge Antennas pg 40

Diversity pg 41

Configuring Multiple Antennas for Diversity pg 42

Optimal Antenna Placement for Diversity pg 43

Upgrading Antennas pg 45

Adding a New Antenna pg 45

Placement Considerations with a New Type of Antenna pg 46

Alignment pg 48

The Best Antenna for the Best Scenario pg 48

Warehouses pg 48

Offices pg 49

Bridging pg 49

Rules, Regulations, and Legalities of Antenna Usage and Placement pg 50

The Right Antenna for the Right Device pg 50

Power Regulation pg 51

Amplification pg 52

Other Resources pg 52

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Don't worryyou haven't wandered off into a bodybuilding handbook. However, this illustrates an important point in the world of wireless networking: It's critical to recognize that Cisco access points (APs) and client adapters cannot do the job all by themselves. They rely on another component to get the job done: antennas.

Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
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