11. Using GNU Libtool with configure.in and Makefile.am

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Although Libtool is usable by itself, either from the command line or from a non- make driven build system, it is also tightly integrated into Autoconf and Automake. This chapter discusses how to use Libtool with Autoconf and Automake and explains how to set up the files you write ( `Makefile.am' and `configure.in' ) to take advantage of libtool . For a more in depth discussion of the workings of Libtool, particularly its command line interface, See section 10. Introducing GNU Libtool. Using libtool for dynamic runtime loading is described in See section 18. Using GNU libltdl .

Using libtool to build the libraries in a project, requires declaring your use of libtool inside the project's `configure.in' and adding the Libtool support scripts to the distribution. You will also need to amend the build rules in either `Makefile.am' or `Makefile.in' , depending on whether you are using Automake.

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GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool
GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool
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